Please, familiarize yourself with our volunteer guidelines below and fill out the volunteer form by January 17th, 2013. We are grateful that you chose to be part of our Reggae World Festival program where you are rewarded for the great work you do in making our world a cleaner, better, healthier, safer place to live. Get involved: you can clean up the beach, the park, help out at a food pantry, and donate your services to someone in need. By volunteering in our program allows you FREE admission to amazing concerts up close and personal experiences with amazing artists and so much more. Spread the word about Reggae World Festival program! Always remember!!! We chose because you are gifted to make a positive difference in someone life’s.
To show our sincere gratitude as you make a positive difference, we will provide our volunteers food at our festival. 

All volunteers will be scheduled to work one four hour shift. Evenings and late- nights are when we have our biggest need for volunteers, and we must insure that all areas are covered. Please indicate your preferences on the application by checking the areas you would prefer to work.

Want to volunteer with friends? We will make every effort to accommodate you. Make sure you both indicate this preference on your application. If we are not able to assign you to the same area, we will at least assign you to work the same shift times.

Please feel free to contact us directly if you have any questions or concerns related to volunteering by calling (954) 338-4608